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Chipmunk is a member of the ‘Circular Movements’ collective of grime artists which consists of Chpimunk, Shalo and Hits. He is one of the hottest properties within the current grime scene, and not without reason. Earlier this year he showcased his impressive freestyling on BBC Radio 1Extra, leaving other MCs in awe at such a young (he is only 16) and obviously rich talent. His music is classic grime: 2-step beats with dark basslines and influences from hip-hop, raggae, garage and dancehall. His lyrics are fast paced raps relating to his experiences of growing up in north london, but are of a calibre rarely seen.

Having taken the music scene by surprise, it remains to be seen whether Chipmunk can continue developing and become a major name in 2008. All the signs, however, point to a bright future for the new-comer.


Listen to: Muhammad Ali, My Life, Radio 1Extra Freestyle session

Sounds Like: A young Dizzie Rascal carving out sounds of the future.


~ by thebitterpilluk on April 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Chipmunk”

  1. don’t know about grime..but i’ll have a listen. also lexie, i really like portishead. have just got some songs. it’s gooood.x

  2. have a listen to ‘music to fuck to’ by portishead if you haven’t already, one of their best i reckon. machine gun is getting some airplay at the moment on radio 1.

  3. oh yea..i’ve yet to download that. i’m still grooving to sam sparro. his album is amazing. ‘pocket’ and ‘cottonmouth’ has really got me.

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