Mystery Jets

Mystery Jets

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Label: sixsevenine

Mystery Jets aren’t exactly newcomers, but they’re included here because of the quality of their new music. An album produced by the semi-deity that is Erol Alkan includes some amazing music that really deserves more plays than Mystery Jets are used to. A remix of their track ‘Hideaway’ by Switch could well be one of the best electro/dance tracks since the epic ‘Body Crash’ by Buy Now and it’ll be interesting to see whether its picked up by the top DJs. Mystery Jets have an uplifting sound that gets by simply due to the fact that it is quality stuff interspersed with up-to-the-minute genius. That said, I can’t stress enough just how brilliant the Switch remix is.

Listen to: Two Doors Down, Young Love, Hideaway (especially the Switch remix!!!!)

Sounds Like: Easy going yet credible tracks with the Erol touch that means they would be right at home at a rave.


~ by thebitterpilluk on April 24, 2008.

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  1. aloha! i’m bloody pleased u’ve got a blog..haha. something else to check out on the internet. be seeing you tmr dude.

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